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    Track same activity for miror page (multilingual site)


      Hello there,

      I'm using Target Standard and I'm trying to find a solution for my problem but can't find any.

      I have a website with mirror pages (english/french) and I have to do a A/B test for one page.

      How do I have to manage the following use-case: a user comes to that page in english and decides to go on the french version of that same page afterward (via the "French" link atop of the page)?  It is important to note that the domain name is not the same for both languages, but behind it's the same server (AEM).

      1. The user has to see the same experience he already saw in the previous language? (i.e.: if he saw experience B in english, he has to see experience B in french)
      2. Is it possible/best practice to show the same experience even if a user change language

      Also, how is it possible in Target Standard to include a mirror page, create the same experiences, for ONE activity?

      Thanks for any help on how to create et approach that.


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        I'll do multipage activities and take into account that if a user switch language he will be potentially presented with a different offer.