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    iPhone users not being able to enter campaigns



      • Users are intermittently entering T&T campaigns


      • iPhone 5s
      • iOS 8.3
      • Safari 8


      • In testing on our local network, we noticed that were not consistently entering campaigns where we had 100% of traffic going to 1 recipe.
      • We thought it might be our network so Andrea and I tested over the weekend on our respective wireless and the LTE.
      • We both had varied results on our iPhone 5s’. (sometimes we entered the campaign, sometimes we didn’t regardless of the network we were connected to)
      • iPad Mini and iPad are consistently entering campaigns which is why we feel this is iPhone specific.


      Has anyone experienced this issue?

      Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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        Shekhar_Dhiman Adobe Employee

        Hi Andrew,

        Thank you for reaching out to Adobe Community.

        Could you please try an emulator on chrome for iPhone and see what response you get including looking at the debugger capabilities we have.