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    Passing parameters into Global mBox


      Hey All,

      I'm stuck...I created a campaign that requires a specific parameter to be loaded into the Global mBox 5 pages after someone sees the offer.  I can see the parameter being passed to the Global mBox via the debugger but Adobe Target Classic doesn't recognize it as a conversion....I am using this code:


      Any ideas????



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        Shekhar_Dhiman Adobe Employee

        Hi Eric,

        Thanks for reaching out to Adobe Community.

        The JavaScript targetPageParams function is used to pass parameters to the global mbox. This is needed in any scenario where additional targeting/context information is to be passed into Target.

        See the below mentioned doc for more on this:

        https://marketing.adobe.com/resources/help/en_US/target/ov/c_pass_parameters_to_global_mbo x.html