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    Advise from real developers

      We have been using Flash for the last couple of years to develop small applications and presentations used for project reporting. Most of our clients use us because our presentations run so much better and faster than their own PowerPoint or Acrobat versions. Plus, there is a substantial benefit in having a professional take care of design, information architecture and user interface.

      We have one client that has several different levels of data confidentiality. In other words we now handle some of they’re reporting, but because of corporate policy we are unable to handle all of it. Leaving them to what they refer to as, “Death by Powerpoint”. What they are asking us for is some sort of templated version of what we do. For example, a simple Powerpoint template... only, not Powerpoint and not so simple. A Flash app, but something they can drop their own confidential information into without using Flash to do it.

      This would need to be something similar to Flashloaded’s FCMSPro http://www.flashloaded.com/flashcomponents/fcmspro/ Only it needs to be a desktop application like you might develop in AIR.

      What we’re looking for is advise from real developers. What Adobe products would be appropriate for a project like this? Again, we are not serious programmers but, do have a fair amount of experience with Flash and actionscript.