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    Search&Promote design template configuration

    srikanth pogula Level 1

      Hi Team,

      I have a question in template(guided_xml.tmpl) configuration in Adobe Search & Promote.

      This template basically is the structure of the response returned by the Search & Promote. Under the root node "pagination", page positions First,Last,Previous,Next,viewall can be configured. Can these values be configured in any language other than english?

      The specific issue i am facing is, when the page position is configured in chinese language, Pagination object's hasPrevious() and hadNext() methods always returns "false", due to which the logic for displaying "Previous" and "Next" buttons is not working for this Search & Promote account.

      Any inputs on this will be highly appreciated.

      Thanks in advance.

      Update: Added more details

      <page position="First"><![CDATA[<guided-page-path gsname="first" />]]></page> is the configuration in english.

      Can the value for position be in any other language for example, traditional chinese?

      <page position="页首"><![CDATA[<guided-page-path gsname="first" />]]></page>

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        Nikhil Bisne Level 4

        Hi Srikanth,


        Please reach out to your account manager and request for consulting hours.