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    Sending information about test and experiences to Adobe Analytics?

    Løjmann Level 3


      I'd like to pass information about what campaign and experience a user is receiving from Target, into Analytics for later analysis. I believe there is a way to make a call to target on a page, to receive those information. However, I can't find any information about it.

      Does anyone here have experience doing this, and can guide me in the right direction?



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        Raag Shanker Adobe Employee

        Hi Løjmann,

        Okay based on your requirement I would suggest you to implement the Legacy integration between test&target and Site catalyst which would meet both the requirements, this involves the passing of campaign Data through the S_TNT Var. In order to setup this integration you would need the Help of either the Adobe Consulting services or Client care to make the necessary changes in the Company settings.

        Also Since this is a campaign based integration so there may be data variances between the Campaign reports in Target and Site Catalyst, You can refer the below mentioned document to know more details on it. 

        https://marketing.adobe.com/resources/help/en_US/tnt/help/c_Understanding_Expected_Data_Va riances.html