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    Installation problem


      I need to load RoboHelp X5 Office. I put the disk in and go through the install with the product key etc. Everything looks good: directory, desktop icons, RoboPDF is in all the Office products. But when I try and run RoboHelp, nothing. No error, nothing.

      System info:
      I am an administrator.
      Windows XP
      Office 2003
      Plenty of disk and RAM space.

      I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling but that didn't help. As an added piece of information, Add/Remove programs shows no size information for RoboHelp.

      I changed the default name to my user account name, as suggested somewhere on this forum for someone else's problem.

      Does any one have an idea what's going on?

      Thanks in advance
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          X5 has to be installed and run with the same logon and with admin rights attached, both installation and use.

          You will not be able to activate it though as that server had to be pulled for security reasons. You will need to contact Customer Support for a replacement that does not need activation.

          However, that should not stop you using X5 for a limited period of time, unless it has been on that PC before.

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            LaupahoehoeBoy Level 1

            Thanks for the direction. But, I have an update.

            I got to the help people and they gave me a knowledge base location with the help I needed.

            KB 403696

            It is running two service packs and then replacing the roboehelp.exe and robohtml.exe files.

            It works fine now.

            Thanks again.