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    AEM 6 integration with Adobe Target problems



      I am integratign AEM 6 with Adobe Target and have some problems with it.

      Particularly, when I add "Adobe Target Mbox" component on the page - T&T request is sends but in console there is an error :

      Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function.

      I found that it throws when mboxOfferDefault.prototype.show(content) function is called from /etc/clientlibs/foundation/testandtarget/util/source/init.js.

      The problem is that this function calls this.hide(content) which doesn't exists in mboxOfferDefault.prototype and that's why I suppose this error is thrown.

      Can anyone tell me why this function in init.js is overriding default mboxOfferDefault.prototype.show(content) defined in mbox.js and

      what will be the risks if i'll remove this function from /etc/clientlibs/foundation/testandtarget/util/source/init.js?

      I will be appreciated if some one will help me with this problem.


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        For the future, if someone has this error, please check if you have this lib int the head of the page:

        <cq:include script="/libs/cq/cloudserviceconfigs/components/servicelibs/servicelibs.jsp”/>