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      Ok I have a website template. We are trying to change the buttons to point to new html pages like aboutus.html. Right now all the buttons point to index.html and then index-1.html and index-2.html and so on. I am unsure how to change this code to do that. Please help. Thanks.

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          Don't buy templates.

          Ideally, for something like this there should have been an Array or an XML file allowing users such as yourself to edit the list of pages to be linked to. This is pretty messy hence why you should buy templates and call yourself a designer.

          You can do 2 things:
          1. make your pages index-#

          2. get rid of the getURL call completely and add a getURL on the frames labeled 's1', 's2' etc to go to the pages you want to load.

          yes, it's a hack but the price you pay for working with templates that aren't very well thought out..