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    Search & Promote - need Remote Control 'index status' messages

    Dan Kohn

      Hi S&P team, this is a request from Canadian Tire, for remote control 'index status' messages.  Customer uses Remote Control urls to initiate indexes, but there are no remote control commands that provide crawl status data, such as # of pages indexed, total index time so far, index complete, etc.  These index status messages would help the customer determine when they could initiate a new index.  Current 'priority' status message is not sufficient.  Can we add additional index status calls to the remote control commands?

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        Nikhil Bisne Level 4

        Hi Dan,


        Apologies for the delay in responding on this thread. I've checked with the relevant teams and currently there is no API with the mentioned functionality. It would need to be built or would be a feature request.