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    Drag/Drop columns Datagrid


      Is it possible to move only columns from datagrid, not entire row.

      For example, I have two datagrid controls. One has column "Fname", while second one has column "Lname".

      I want to drag them into 3th datagrid control, but with two columns...with same names like columns in first two controls.
      If I drag Fname from 1st control into 3th, it`s dropped and placed there ok. But, if I want to move Lname from 2nd control into 3th, it`s places into new row. So, one object is presented in one row, while new one is presented into next one.

      Is it possible to put one object "Fname" into one column, and new one into another column "Lname". So, I have two objects in row.