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    Target and CQ: Using Segments from Target


      Hi there,

      I'm in the process of integrating Adobe Target into our CQ website, and I have a question. 

      From this documentation (http://dev.day.com/docs/en/cq/current/wcm/content-targeting.html), it seems that we are only able to use Segments created in CQ for targeting. 

      The Target component supports CQ segments only. You cannot define segments or experiences using Adobe Target targeting rules. Also, when your Target component is using Adobe Target as the targeting engine, you cannot use segments that have the following characteristics:"

      Is there any way that we can make use of Adobe Target Segments to target content on our CQ site?



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        Nikhil Bisne Level 4

        Hi Winston,


        Apologies for the delay in responding. I am working with the engineering team on this request and am yet to find the answer to your query specifically. In the interim the engineering team has suggested an alternate workflow if it works with you :


        • You create the segments in Target
        • You create experiences in Target
        • You add these experiences to the mbox you created on CQ (In Target)
        • Test the experiences on CQ using the Target test mechanism
        • Deploy/Start your targeting
        • You let it roll and then collect the information and reporting in Target.


        I will update you on your query as soon as I have an update from the engineering team.