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    Target Standard - completely unusable

    richard_h1 Level 3

      Hi - anyone else having issues with Target Standard? We spent a good amount of time implementing this and have found it completely unusable due to the amount of bugs. The 2 primary issues we have right now that is preventing us from using it are;

      1) The hide/remove feature doesn't work in many scenarios. For example if I want to remove a button from a page sometimes it works but many times it doesn't. Is Target Standard incompatible with certain HTML, for example tables?

      2) Editing tests is not possible - when attepting to edit an expereince there are no menus available when clicking elements to change the page. The only way to make changes is to delete the test and start again.

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        richard_h1 Level 3

        UPDATE: this has been escalated to the Adobe engineering department - so I'm hoping this will be fixed shortly.