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    storing an array of strings in a profile attribute



      I have the following profile script:


      if (mbox.name == "kevins_mbox") {
        user.setLocal("arrayTest", ["hello", "world"]);
        return user.getLocal("arrayTest");

      However, when trying to use the array in a JS offer via: ${user.arrayTest}

      The final output looks like this: [hello, world] - i.e. the quotes are missing and a JavaScript error is thrown.

      According to this document: http://microsite.omniture.com/t2/help/en_US/tnt/pdf/js_expression_cheat_sheet.pdf

      "Script Profile Parameters are found under the mboxes/profiles tab. You 
      can write Javascript programs that return any Javascript type (String, 
      integer, array, etc)"

      Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong here?

      Many thanks,


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        AllDayDev Adobe Employee

        With just the snippet above, quotation marks should not be getting removed.

        However, they would not be printed out if you were trying to display/use one of the elements of the array. i.e. you would need to something like this get the quotation marks printed out:

        ['"hello"', '"world"']

        It would be helpful to have some more context.

        What is the JavaScript error you are getting?

        Can you be more specific about what you are doing with ${user.arrayTest}?

        Is it possible to share the page on which you are trying to implement this custom code? a link to the page, the page code, etc.


        - Carey