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    Flex In A Week - Day 5 Disappointment

      I have to say that I thought that this series was very well thought out, very detailed and to the point.... that is until Day 5. The files for day 5 are just a total blur to a beginner like myself and barely glance over the topics. The flurry of code that is hardly described is a big disappointment.
      As a beginner when I hear things like " I just did something simple to get this" and then no real explanation of what is going on I get a bit frustrated.
      Another thing that is disappointing is quickly jumping around the code sometimes only showing truncated lines of code in some of the movies.
      Admittedly I don't know the reason why the series was not completed in the same fashion and detail that it started with. It's too bad that you had something going so well then decided to cheat the corners.... for whatever reason.