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    Search or Fetch unique or distinct pages by passing the component name or path

    Saravanan U Level 1


      I am using Query builder as below to get the list of distinct pages which uses the component (component name will passed as a parameter) in property. I need to pass two parameters, cq:lastReplicationAction=Activate and sling:resourceType=component path. I tried above JSON query but no result and it is failing since the component may be used at any level of page node. E.g, /jcr:content/par/component or /jcr:content/par/mainpar/component

      https://host:port/bin/querybuilder.json?1_property=sling:resourceType&1_property.value=COM PONENTPATH&2_property=jcr:content/cq:lastReplicationAction&2_property.value=Activate&path= FROM_WHICH_CONTENT_PATH&type=cq:Page&p.limit=-1

      Thanks in advance