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    video flickers / flashes

      I used Captivate 3 and a Pen Tablet to create a full motion recorded video of me writing a word web. When I preview or publish it however it flickers or flashes for most of it (but does stay steady for some of it in the middle and then starts flickering again). I have my hardware acceleration off and it is a standard quality video. Can anyone help me to get my video to hold steady (i.e. stop flashing). Thanks.
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          When Captivate records full motion, these end up as separate clips that are loaded in succession. The base slide has a white background color so I'm guessing you are seeing a split second of white as the video loads up.

          You might work past this by screen capturing the first frame of the video and configuring it as the background image for each slide. You might be able to use the Captivate Full Motion Editor to do this. Either that or perhaps pause the playback and manually grab the screen.

          There is more on the Full Motion Editor at this link.

          Cheers... Rick
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            In addition to what Rick says, I've not found the full-motion recording to
            be so great at really capturing full motion like you describe. Try capturing
            the smallest possible screen area that still contains your writing, that
            whould help performance.

            If that still fails, you might find your only solution is try a different
            screen capture tool to capture your animation faithfully - e.g. Camtasia.



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