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    Custom PlotChart layout

      I'm stuck trying to determine where/how to interrupt the rendering of a PlotChart's PlotSeries in order to modify the placement of its elements. We've customized a PlotChart to display labels for each data point. So each PlotSeries has a custom item renderer. The problem is that the labels overlap if their values are too close to each other. I want to modify the placement of such labels so that they don't overlap, but I need to know the initial placement of all of the labels at the same time in order to move them appropriately. Thus I can't simply override the custom renderer's updateDisplayList() method, as it only lays out each PlotItem individually, without knowledge of the others in the series. I'm trying to figure out where in the rendering process I can put my layout code where all PlotItems will have been intially laid out already and I will have access to the entire data set at once. It doesn't seem like I can do this in the PlotChart's updateDisplayList() method, as the application LayoutManager is calling each custom renderer directly, not through the chart's updateDisplayList() method, as I would have thought. No clue what to do.