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    Default topic not diplaying in app

      RH 6 build 099, XP2002 SP2

      I'm working on a project for v2 software that may have been created in an earlier version of RH, but probably was 6. The v1 chm generated from this same project (before I added any topics) launches correctly in v2 (no map ID for topic).

      Checked the default topic settings in output and Windows>advanced. Generated a clean project with one topic. Still seeing the error. Had someone else gen a clean project on RH6, same problem (eliminates my RH install and additions to chm as the issue).

      Help call from dev has not changed from v1 ->v2
      C:\absrc\Jaguar\trunk\Jaguar\build\staging\7500_201R2\bin\KeyHH.exe -win C:\absrc\Jaguar\trunk\Jaguar\build\staging\7500_201R2\docs\help\Help.chm::/Getting_Starte d.htm

      Any ideas? Greatly appreciated!!
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          Pete Lees Level 2
          Hi, abwriter,

          The KeyHH command is simply trying to open the HTML topic file called "Getting_Started.htm" in the help file Help.chm. Can you verify that the topic file name is still "Getting_Started.htm" and that the internal path to this file is unchanged (that is, the file is still in the top-level "root" of the help file)?

          To do this, open the help file and browse to the Getting Started topic. Then right-click the top pane, click Properties on the context menu, and check what is displayed in the Address (URL) field. If everything is set up correctly in your help project, the address shown should look like this:

          mk:@MSITStore:C:\absrc\Jaguar\trunk\Jaguar\build\staging\7500_201R2\docs\help\Help.chm::/G etting_Started.htm

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            abwriter Level 1
            Pete - Hallalujah!!

            Moving the topic to the root seems to have done the trick. But I think I've specified default topics in folders before?
            "(that is, the file is still in the top-level "root" of the help file)"

            It seems that I can't specify any other topic EXCEPT this one at this point. I just changed to another root topic, changed in window attribute and in html layout - I see the new topic when I launch the chm from the app directory, but the Getting Started topic when I launch from the app.

            At this point, all I care about is that it does not display the page not found error in the app. Spent HOURS trying to troubleshoot this.

            Thanks a million!!!!