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    A mask within a mask issues...

      I'm trying to do a sweep reveal of one image that is made up of 72 individual squares. It's a diagonal sweep of that entire set of squares simultaneously going from left top to right bottom to reveal an image. So each of 72 squares is doing the same reveal of one large image at the same time.

      I've managed to do variations of this idea using shape tweens and creating movie clips and duplicating them. But if I need to change the timing it's more difficult if they are all individual frames. Flash seems to get cranky when I try to mask a symbol and then multiply it and use it as a mask for another image.

      Seems like such a simple thing, maybe I'm missing the obvious. I'm somewhat new to flash and not much of a programmer....
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          ok note sure if i got what your saying but il give it a try.

          you have a background image and a mask made up of 72 squares (1 symbol, 72 instance of that 1)

          if thats right. i just tried it also all i is 1 box working. mainly cause there symbols. so how do you do 72 easy make it 1 symbol but not the easy way your ganna have to make it the long way
          ill try to help...

          go from the stage into the mask symbol so you can see the background image. now instead of having 72 instances just copy frames and make 72 layers then move them to fill screen. making your checked desolve look possible.

          if thats not what your looking for please put more info so someone else or i can help thanks..