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    Editing flex CSS in FB on Eclipse

      I have FB3 installed on Eclipse, which has been working nicely until I started messing around with skins and CSS. Eclipse wants to validate CSS as normal CSS, so it shows an error on every line of my flex skin CSS file ('Property xxx doesn't exist'). What do I have to change so that all these errors go away? There are over 600 of them, and it's making it impossible to find real errors in the project that matter.

      Also would be sweet to have some code hinting for flex CSS syntax.

      I do a lot of normal html/css work in eclipse, so I don't want to break CSS error checking in general. I'm using Aptana for PHP/JS/CSS, if that helps... I've tried using other installed CSS editors, including the one that installed with Flex, but all same results.

      Please help... this is driving me nuts. Thanks in advance.