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    guideBridge in AEM 6.2 and Forms

    roberth55706517 Level 1

      I'm noticing that in 6.2, the binding that is built for the form items doesn't match the id of the items. When I use the id returned by calling var anId = $(this).parents('.guideFieldNode').data('guideViewBind') then take the returned id and then call guideBridge._resolveId( anId ), it does not find the element. The id for the element in the page does not match the id created in the guideBridge._guide._modelTemplateCasheStore._modelIdCache list of items. 

      When the components are built in the JSP page, the binding is done using the ${guideid} variable. This id is very different that the id that is in the cache. 

      Any idea what I need to do in order to fix this?