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    RoboHelp and Robo Source Control


      This is actually a problem my colleague is having with Robo Source Control. Although I use RoboHelp for my online documentation, this person uses it to create the .chm file he can then place on the server for his entire department to use. The department is an accounting department, not an IT department.

      When he asked about versions, I told him RoboHelp comes with a Source Control app and that he could easily retain previous versions of his documentation using the Source Control application. He has both applications on his hard drive, but they don't seem to be talking to one another. Most of his source control icons in RoboHelp are inactive, and the Add a Folder item on his File menu in Source Control is also inactive. It appears something needs to be done to associate the two apps so that they work together.

      Our PC Techs here aren't the sharpest tools in the shed, and I am the only one in the company who uses RoboHelp and my versioning is done in an app called MKS, so I'm not much use in trying to figure out what needs to be done.

      Can anyone give me a simple explanation we can convey to the PC Tech so that they can resolve the problem? Both apps are on his hard drive.