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    7 Replies Latest reply on May 24, 2017 9:31 PM by sobhan sahu

    LiveCycle ES4 to AEM Migration

    sobhan sahu

      Hi All, we are planning to migrate from LC ES4 to AEM. So as of now in ES4 we have all our XDP files in a LAN repository location and being picked dynamically using configXML by the LC processes.

      But as a plan of migration clients are willing to get rid of the LAN location and rather have all the XDP uploaded to AEM workbench, hence we will have a copy of the same XDP in CRX which can be used for further adaptive form development.

      So we are making changes to our processes to pick up the assets from workbench path rather than LAN location.

      So I have two questions,

      Does this approach make sense? is this a proper migration process?

      Also could you please help me if you are aware of any other migration steps that will help.



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