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    Problem stitching documents with specific para element attribute


      I have stumbled upon a problem that halts my efforts to create a process that merges documents with Assembler. The problem occurs when I try to merge any XDP with another XDP containing field element with para element containing attribute use with the value of designer__defaultWidowOrphanSettings.para. This results in the following error:

      ALC-ASM-S00-002: Failed to execute the DDX - error messages provided.

      PDFM_S02013: The "appendDocument" operation failed on "E:\Appl\Temp\AdobeDocumentStorage\local\docm1494571127604\xdpIn2ca0ad3afbe6d51c6c037968a 860711feasmtmp".

      PDFM_S28008: XFA Dynamic assembler failed to stitch a fragment.: Bad value: 'designer__defaultWidowOrphanSettings.para' of the 'use' attribute of 'para' element ''. Default will be used instead.

      The error occurs both in process and when I execute DDX preview function. There is no error if I swap the order of the XDPs.

      Do anybody know what attribute use="designer__defaultWidowOrphanSettings.para" is used for? Why is it "bad value"?