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    Case Sensitive File Names

    Mat D

      I've been trying out the trial version of RH8, before upgrading from RH7. One of the problems I have noticed is the option to "Use Lowercase File Names (Recommended for UNIX)" in the Single Source Layouts setting, only works for actual pages in the project. As i have a number of PDF's as baggage files (that now get indexed), when they are returned in the search results, I just get a "Not Found" error. This is because it is not correctly putting the folder names or file names in lower case.

      Does anyone know a solution or workaround for this? (aside from renaming all files/folders!). Or know where I can submit this as a bug?

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Bug/Feature requests can be filed here.. As a workaround, you could try renaming your baggage files - for example File.pdf to file1.pdf and then to file.pdf. You'd need ot delete and add the baggage file references though. An alternative is to exclude the baggage file type from the search. You can find out how to do this from the latest post on my blog.
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            Mat D Level 1
            Thanks Colum...

            I think i will just go with the option of excluding the baggage files from the search. Unfortunately, renaming the files is not an option (links hard coded into systems - not by me! :P) And, just renaming the PDF's wont work, unless i can get it to rename the folders too.

            Cheers :)

            Edit: Bug report submitted. I'd better see my name on those 8.1 patch notes! :P