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    bug: HTML5 Scribble signature

    Eric Stricker

      We encounter an issue with the HTML5 Scribble signature. The Scribble signature box keeps moving while trying to sign using a Safari browser on a iPad.

      Steps to simulate:

      1. Create an multi page XFA form with scribble signature positioned on the last page of the document
      2. Load the form in AEM forms (J2EE) server
      3. Using the default profile http://localhost:4502/content/xfaforms/profiles/default.html load the from in the browser using  Safari as the browser on an Apple iPad
      4. Using the iPad scroll down to the scribble signature and click to sign the document
      5. The scribble pop-up box keeps moving while trying to apply a scribble signature to the document making it impossible for the user to sign the document.