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    Contribute _mm XML files are missing line breaks!

    Fractalice Level 1
      I'm migrating my web server from Apple 10.4 to Suse and I've been having some trouble getting Contribute to work properly. Users can log in, but their names won't show up in the admin console and I can't do a send for review or anything like that.

      Well, I think I just found out why. Looking in my _mm folder at my user descriptions, .csi file and other xml files, I see that they are all being written without line breaks! An example is attached, but as you should be able to see, all of the tags are running all over each other.

      Seeing that this is a Suse box, I guess I have to set the return value to LF (or CRLF, if possible), but I'm not sure where I have to set that so Contribute will use it...

      Anyone have any ideas?