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    Assets Admin Search Rail missing


      Running AEM 6.2, and when I go into Search form Assets Admin Search Rail is missing. It was there several weeks back is gone. Also when I search for anything within assets the right rail search box shows nothing but a search text box. To my knowledge I could not delete the form via touch UI, so am guessing something in CRXDE?

      Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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          kautuksahni Adobe Employee

          Can you please provide us with screenshot ? Or steps to reproduce this?

          Also check if there is some Console error and error in AEM Error.log ?


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            I don't know if you have solved this issue yet; but I had the same issue and after comparing my prod and dev environments, I noticed this path was missing " /conf/global/settings/dam/search/facets/assets/jcr:content" in my dev environment for some reason. I created a package for that path and uploaded it to my dev instance and my issue was resolved.

            Hopefully this helps you or others if they run into a similar problem.

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              davenichols79 Level 1



              This exact same thing has happened to me.  The Assets Admin Search Rail has just disappeared and I only get the search text box on searches. 


              Thanks to kautuksahni , I packaged up what I had on staging in:  /conf/global/settings/dam/search/facets/assets/jcr:content  , and uploaded it to production and it fixed this issue.


              Scary why it would all of a sudden disappear like that, but at least there is a fix to it.


              Hope this helps.