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    auto-save not retrieving data when refresh in aem forms 6.2



      I had a form and it needs to automatically save its data after a given interval of time and retrieve it when user refresh the page. For that, I use `autosave` functionality of AEM Forms.

      What I had done till now

      According to Adobe doc:

      •  I had created a form
      • Enable autosave option in form container
      • Specify 1 or TRUE in Adaptive Form Event
      • Enable Autosave for anonymous users. For that, changed configuration in  felix  console, edit  Forms Common Configuration Service to All Users
      • Save these settings

      The form is data and metadata is saved in /content/forms/fp/admin/drafts hierarchy.

      Two nodes in drafts describes:

      • data : it has data in xml format.
      • metadata : it has metadata associated with the node.


      when I refresh the page, the from is not retrieving the saved value. Do I had missed something?

      Any suggestions are welcome.
      Thank you.