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    Embed Adaptive Forms in external website

    adamrothering Level 1

      Hey there. I am trying to take an Adaptive form and 'ship it off' to another web application to be provided within that application's UI in a container. AEM is used more as a service provider in our enterprise, not as a presentation layer, so an enterprise application which manages the web and security layers for our enterprise will look to be requesting the adaptive form from our AEM instance which in turn we need AEM to consume the request, prefill the Adaptive form with any XML provided by the caller, and then 'ship back' an adaptive form in the return so the caller can display the form for the user (and call AEM for any subsequent submitting and other features upon user action).

      We understand how to view the Adaptive forms in AEM Sites and in the web portal, but frankly that isn't practical in our enterprise, as we aren't going to do 'double duty' maintaining 5000+ user accounts inside of AEM along with security protocols, etc, that's already handled by our enterprise security and web facing applications. It would also be a pretty poor user experience going from our external applications, then to AEM sites/portal, then back to the external apps, so we really need a good way to package the Adaptive form, let the caller present it, then let AEM handle the user action once they filled out the form.

      Is this possible? Been racking my brain and have scoped the forums and help docs heavily, but haven't come up with a good solution...

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          hitesh.m Level 1

          Adaptive forms are driven by a lot of server side components. With the existing version on AEM Forms, I dont think this is a right idea to use them forms in external website. However this is a good suggestion :) 

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            deepak k. Adobe Employee

            Did you consider the option to transparently forward the AF specific render/submit request from AEM via reverse proxy right at Apache or other proxy layer. So application container ui might still be requesting form from the same url as rest of the stuff but reverse proxy would fetch that from AEM instead of you regular web/enterprise server.

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              adamrothering Level 1

              That would mean we would need to put the AEM portal into a container/applet on the external UI though, yes? So we'd have to have a container hitting AEM Form portal, pulling the adaptive form and displaying it in the container, and then have all actions contained within that container. Once the actions on the AF are completed, then we'd have to send a 'flag' to the external UI so they can continue with their actions for the user. Is that what you are getting at?