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    AEM Forms 6.2 -Reader Extension pfx file in AEM

    Eric Stricker Level 1


      Following the setup i can upload a reader extension PFX file to AEM ( https://helpx.adobe.com/aem-forms/6-2/configuring-document-services.html. )

      What i try to do in a servlet is to create a resource for the a services user "resolverFactory.SUBSERVICE".  Use the keystore of the services account to retrieve the RE key for my document.

      Question, can a keystore for a services account be used to store the readerExtension key? When i want to retrieve the keystore  i got an error: "The provided userId does not identify an existing user." for "com.adobe.granite.keystore.internal.KeyStoreServiceImpl.retrieveUser(KeyStoreServiceImpl .java:638)"