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    Popup to be shown on sign in


      I have dragged AEM's default form component into a parsys in a page. As of now this  page is shown on clicking of login icon on my home page.

      I want this page to be shown ,on click of login icon , as a popup on my home page.

      I could have used jquery plugin as mentioned in this link https://www.formget.com/jquery-popup-form/ , but the problem lies in using the popup for  default form component of AEM.

      Can you please tell me on how to use the same form as a popup.

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          kautuksahni Adobe Employee


          Please have a look at this :-

          Link:- https://helpx.adobe.com/experience-manager/using/secure_sites.html

          // Building Secure Adobe Experience Manager Web Sites

          [img]https://helpx.adobe.com/experience-manager/using/secure_sites/_jcr_content/main-pars/image _3.img.png/Login.png[/img]


                  AEM form-based authentication displays a login form (as shown in the previous illustration). When the user fills in the login form and submits the data, AEM stores the successful authentication in a Cookie or         an HTTP Session. If the authentication is unsuccessful, then an error message is displayed. 

                  By default, the URL of a form submission has to end with /j_security_check. That is, a login Form Action can POST to <anything>/j_security_check. For example:

                  <form action="${homePage.path}/j_security_check

                  The user name and password names must be j_username and j_password. For example:

                  <div class="form-group">
                  <label for="j_username">Username</label> <input type="text"
                  <div class="form-group">
                  <label for="j_password">Password</label> <input type="password"

          Option 2 :- Check the networks calls in browser console wile logging in, and try to submit the parameters of form accordingly.