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    Updating a Drop Down List Selected Item

    friendlyPerson Level 1

      What I want:

      The user selects an Item in a data drop down list (dataDropDownList1). A second data drop down (dataDropDownList2) list is populated with items from a wsdl service. One of the items in the second data drop down  (dataDropDownList2) is selected automatically after the population of items.

      What is happening:

      dataDropDownList2 does not updated its text unless the item in dataDropDownList1 is selected twice.

      My code in the change event of dataDropDownList1

      function findItemInDataDropDownList(dataDropDownList,itemSearchValue) { for(var i=0;i<=dataDropDownList.length;i++) { if(dataDropDownList.getSaveItem(i)==itemSearchValue) { dataDropDownList.selectedIndex = i; break; } } } xfa.connectionSet.DataConnection1.execute(false); findItemInDataDropDownList(dataDropDownList2,"UNKN");