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    AEM Forms Training Prerequisites

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      We are all aware that for one to work on AEM Forms, one need not be very deep down in to AEM.

      But he needs to be aware of AEM templates, components, OSGI, JCR folder structure, deployment of code, integrating UI/UX elements into AEM, etc.

      Now, my organization is planning for an AEM Forms Training and is asking me Prerequisites for the participants.

      Could you please suggest?

      Appreciate the responses.



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          kautuksahni Adobe Employee

          Hi Rama

          I am moving this thread to AEM Forms forums. I hope you will get quick answer there.

          Thanks and regards

          Kautuk Sahni

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            garyT Level 1

            Hi Rama,

            Having an understanding of the AEM topics you outlined in your original question -- templates, components, OSGi, etc. -- are a nice to have for Forms Training; At a minimum, you can take the FormsTraining with an understanding of the following:

            1. Adobe Experience Manager 6.2: Authoring Overview (v2)

            2. Adobe Experience Manager 6.2: Technical Infrastructure Overview

            3. Front-end Developer Workshop

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              Hi Gary,

              Appreciate your reply.

              1. By "Nice to have", do you mean "Not mandatory"?

              2. Are Authoring Overview and Technical Infrastructure Overview covered in Solution Partner Portal Training videos? Any URLs please? (I am aware that Front-end Developer Workshop is covered here.)

              3. For Forms, design agencies may develop UI/UX elements and AEM people may be integrating them with AEM. So, UI/UX integration with AEM will be required (ClientLibs, etc)?

              Or this is covered in the three topics you have highlighted?



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                garyT Level 1

                 Hi Rama,

                Right, I mean not mandatory. The Forms Training assumes you have a basic understanding of AEM -- the concept of Author and Publish, the role of an Author versus a Developer, etc. -- but the rest (including client libs, OSGi bundles) are introduced during the workshop. If you need a deeper understanding (which you probably will) then you will need to revisit AEM training but people should be able to complete the training successfully.