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    TOC Won't Display in WinHelp

    garysam Level 1
      I am updating a WinHelp project that was previously developed in X3 but which I am now trying to update and compile in RoboHelp 7 for Word. The TOC won't display (i.e., the TOC navigation panel at the left doesn't display) when the help is launched. When viewing the TOC in the single panel window by clicking the Help Topics button, the links do work. There is a CNT file. I tried deleting the GID file (as suggested by Adobe), and using the old CNT file that worked in the previous version of the project. Anyone else experience this with RoboHelp 7?
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          We're getting the same issue here. We compile - looks great. We copy the hlp and cnt files to another computer and the TOC disappears. We're using RoboHelp for Word and have been since v5. Can anyone help on this? All topics are there; links work, graphics great, but the Table of Contents has vanished.


          If I run the AutoGenerate TOC function, the TOC disappears completely from the system. Bear in mind, this is the same file we've been working from for the last 3 years and up until now has been working. We recently updated to v7 and upgraded again to v8 today.


          I really appreciate any guidance anyone can give.