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    Retrieve PDF file generated by Form

    JoseBerciano Level 1


      I am having some difficulties on finding the way of getting some data programmatically about the PDF documents generated by my form.

      What I did is set the Submitting actions like so:

      After hitting submit I can effectively see that the file has been stored in CRX:


      Now my question is, how can I access these PDF files information programmatically? For now I would only need the PDF path in order to create a href tag in my html to allow users download their documents.

      So after some digging the best approach that I could find is implementing the interface SubmittedAFDataService (https://helpx.adobe.com/aem-forms/6-1/javadocs/com/adobe/fd/fp/service/SubmittedAFDataServ ice.html), but I haven't had any success on that, plus the interface is deprecated (I did not find which is the new interface that replaces it)