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    Adding debug Logger in JBoss JEE Server for Authentication

    DarrenBiz Level 3

      We are getting a large amount of errors for failed administrator logins. So many that we have left the account locked and use other accounts as Super Admin. In the error logs it says:

      09:46:11,487 WARN  [com.adobe.idp.um.businesslogic.authentication.AuthenticationManagerBean] (Thread-166) Authentication failed for user [administrator] (Scheme - Username/Password) Reason: Username or password is incorrect . Refer to debug level logs for category com.adobe.idp.um.businesslogic.authentication for further details

      I have added a logger to lc_turnkey.xml:

      <logger category="com.adobe.idp.um.businesslogic.authentication"> <level name="DEBUG"/> </logger>

      But I don't see any debug level messages. I really want to know where these attempts to login are coming from. Can anyone tell me how I can find that out?