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    Adaptive Form using sightly


      We need to create an adaptive form in AEM 6.1 and our project is done using sightly and not JSP.

      To override header and footer We need to create our own template and we cant use OOB Form Templates. So We have created a page component under our project /apps similar to the base component which comes under /libs/fd/af/components/page/base. OOB Form Components use JSPs and since our project has to follow Sightly framework, we need to convert all jsps to htmls. 

      OOB component uses below tag library "<%@ taglib prefix="guide" uri="http://www.adobe.com/taglibs/guides/2.0"%>" and there is a below include statement


      I need help to convert this line of code(<guide:includeGuideContainer/>) from JSP To Sightly.

      How could I acheive this?