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    My Stop Actions Are NOT working

      I have a flash website I've created and if you click the "Portfolio" link the site will go to the portfolio area and load the content. If you click another link before the portfolio has loaded, the movie will cycle through the entire timeline, which has several stop actions in it. Why does the player ignore the stop actions?
      Here's the link to the site: kdwa.net
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          you must be starting some kind of loop when portfolio's clicked and failing to clear that loop when another button is clicked (before loading is complete).
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            dustiehollon Level 1
            I have done a search on google for "flash stop actions not working" and it looks like this is a common ISSUE! I have been designing in flash for many years and sites that have been working very well for over two years are suddenly encountering errors. This is very inconvenient and in my opinion, it's an oversite by Adobe. Somewhere along the way, they have lost sight of the big picture, or so it seems!
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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              i've created hundreds of applications and have never run into this problem. so, unless you're using goto functions and/or components, my guess is this is a programmer error.
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                dustiehollon, I, too have been designing Flash websites for years but just recently have experienced the same issue you have been having. I've created a web site and am loading external movie clips at various named keyframes with a stop action at each of those named keyframes. And it works to a point, but if click around the site, it begins ignoring all the stop actions and starts cycling through the site over and over. Did you ever find a fix for this issue?

                FYI... I've googled this issue, too and have seen that I'm not alone with this issue but have yet to find a fix.
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                  dustiehollon Level 1
                  I have run into this problem with a few sites I have created. I have not gotten any help from Adobe or even a hint that they might even consider that there is an error with the Flash Players or the new releases of AS3. It's very discouraging.
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                    Rothrock Level 5
                    I have had something a bit similar. What it turned out to be was a recursive function call greater than 256 times, which basically just shut off the Actionscript and so the timeline just played.

                    I don't know if it did this before or not. But in any event I'm a big fan of, "It is breaks, break big so you notice." But again this is a case where I have some bad code. I've never run into this problem with perfectly fine code.

                    The trouble is we don't really know exactly what is causing yours to break.You will need to be much more specific to get help from folks here. And even more specific to file a bug with Adobe.

                    So if you can make a sample with the simplest setup needed to reproduce it is much more likely that something can be done about it. Or at least a work around be found.