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    rendering .xdp to html5


      i currently render my .xdp files in PDF format, what are the ways to render the same .xdp file in html5 format on the fly?

      also, how can the same be achieved using AEM?

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        DarrenBiz Level 3

        Have a look at the Help on HTML5 forms (aka Mobile Forms): https://helpx.adobe.com/aem-forms/6-1/html5-forms/introduction.html

        Rendering between HTML5 and PDF is very easy on AEM Forms or even Livecycle ES4+

        There are limitations though, so be sure to check out what scripting or objects are not supported in HTML5: https://helpx.adobe.com/aem-forms/6-1/html5-forms/feature-differentiation-html5-forms-pdf- forms.html