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    Rich Text Editor in Adaptive Forms


      I am working on Adaptive forms and would like to know if there is any feature for Rich Text Editing/Component.

      Any direction regarding adding RTE component or customization to enable RTE for Adaptive forms is really appreciated.



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        Sakshi Level 2

        Currently there is no Adaptive Form OOTB component, capable to take input as 'rich text'.

        You can write a custom component using custom widget, which supports rich text input capabilities. Following are the links for how to write a custom widget:

        [1] http://helpx.adobe.com/livecycle/help/mobile-forms/creating-custom-widgets.html
        [2] http://helpx.adobe.com/livecycle/help/mobile-forms/available-widgets.html
        [3] https://git.corp.adobe.com/pages/vdua/sample-xfa-widget-tutorial/jekyll/update/2014/04/09/ creating-a-mobile-form-widget.html
        [4] https://git.corp.adobe.com/livecycle/cq-guides/wiki/Custom-Widgets-in-Adaptive-Form