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    AEM 6.1 forms - Table component

    vkeerthy Level 1

      I have a use case where based on the value from radio button component, my table component should dynamically add new columns by itslef.

      example: Radio button A with option 1 selected --> Table structure (table with 5 rows and 3 columns) remains intact.

      Radio button A with option 2 selected --> Dynamically to add additional two columns at the right (to the existing 5 rows and 3 columns).


      Can this be achieved? If so how? Kindly advise.

      As part of AEM forms 6.1, does JSdoc [1] page remains same without updates?

      [1] https://helpx.adobe.com/aem-forms/6/javascript-api/GuideBridge.html

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        vkeerthy Level 1

        Thanks Mandeep. Yes user input on radio button (say he has chosen option 2 from radio button), should dynamically add two columns to existing table in AF. Please be advised the table in edit mode is configured for say 5 rows and 3 columns. Upon selection of option 2 from radio button, the table should be 5 rows and 5 columns. How can be achieved by access expression.