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    Adaptive forms - assembling from common fragments

    bajwaya Level 1


      Is it possible to create an adaptive form by assembling/stitching together common fragments.  By fragment, I mean some reusable section of a form such as an address block (street no., street name, city, zip code, etc), or name information (First Name, middle initial, last name, e-mail, etc.)

      I would want to insert such fragments into an wizard-style adaptive layout.

      Furthermore, I need to be able to pre-populate form data and save/load drafts of partially completed forms.

      thank you

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        varundua Level 2

        You can hide/show sections of an Adaptive Form depending upon the values of other Fields using the visibility expression[1] in the edit dialogs of the section. You can input a data xml to prepopulate the form as described in [2]


        [1] http://helpx.adobe.com/aem-forms/6/adaptive-form-expressions.html#main-pars_header_5

        [2] http://helpx.adobe.com/aem-forms/6/prepopulate-adaptive-form-fields.html