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    detecting click event in DataGrid body

    maretron Level 1
      dg.addEventListener( "headerRelease", OnHeaderRelease );
      dg.addEventListener( "cellPress", OnSelect );
      dg.onPress = function(event) : Void
      trace( "onPress - itemIndex = " + event );

      I have a DataGrid (dg) with working event listeners on populated cells (cellPress) and Headers (headerRelease). The DataGrid is populated dymanically, and normally has a large unpopulated area. I need to be able to detect a mouse click / mouse up / mouse down in the unpopulated area. The best that I've been able to get to work is the code above, but replacing the dg.OnPress function takes over the cellPress and headerRelease events as well. dg.onPress has no parameters (event=undefined) so I cannot write code to re-direct to the other handlers within onPress.

      Any ideas?