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    How to create a "sticky" item editor (not destroyed on data update) in datagrid?

      Hi, I have a DataGrid that is updated on a timer using HTTPService query results. The problem is I want to make one of the columns editable (and send edit results back to the server through HTTPService), but whenever the data is updated on the timer, the item editor (for which I used the default TextInput) is destroyed.

      I then tried to use TextInput as renderer and set rendererIsEditor to true, but that did not work either because the content is still changed (and the modifications lost) whenever the data is updated.

      I then tried to handle the "change" event of the TextInput and make it remember it has been changed, and handle the "dataChanged" event so that if a "change" event has been fired before then the renderer will not show the new data from server. However, the result is that the TextInput containing edited data was kept being pushed down the rows, one row each timer update.

      Is there any way to create a "sticky" item editor so that it is not destroyed on data update? Thanks!