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    AEM Forms HTML Workspace

    Ruytero Level 1


      When submitting a form to the AEM Forms HTML workspace, my To-do list does not get update automatically. I always have to reload the page in the browser in order to see the new tasks.
      Is this normal behavior or should the list be updated automatically?


      Thanks in advance
      Ronny Ruyters

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        Ruytero Level 1

        Weird behavior for a workspace. From a workspace environment I would expect to get notified for each new task that arrives in my To-do list, shouldn't this be logged as a bug? And for me it has not been working to get the to-do list refreshed just by clicking on To-To again, I really have to reload the webpage.

        Also a task that I terminated in the adminui, keeps appearing in the workspace until I reload the webpage.

        Clicking on To-Do does not update the list.