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    AEM Forms replacement for Watched Folders

    DarrenBiz Level 3

      With the inevitable march towards AEM and away from Livecycle, I was wondering if Adobe are planning to replace some of the core functionality that Livecycle provides like Watched Folders? There doesn't seem to be a nice automated way to do this in "pure" AEM Forms without writing your own folder watcher, posting to JCR and using custom Launchers. Watched Folders provides features like throttling and batch sizing and timing that would be quite complex exercise to replace.

      Currently we still need the Livecycle / Processing server to watch folders and post content to the JCR where we can use launchers / workflows, but if the Livecycle server is required, I might as well remove AEM from the mix altogether and do it in Livecycle, where it is far less complex to develop.

      Is this functionality planned for migration?

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        Kristian Wright Level 1

        From what I've been explained, LC is being migrated into AEM Forms, which is a separate module of AEM.  The only parts that are not (for now) are Process Manager and DRM from my understanding.  The Adobe topology [1] shows that forms processing is done on a Process server which is an Author.  For Process Manager, then you use the ES4 component of AEM Forms.

        So are you suggesting that we still use ES4 for all forms processing and bypass the AEM Forms Process server?  I agree with Darren in that AEM Forms is lacking in its ease of implementation of forms processing in comparison to using ES4 directly.


        [1] http://helpx.adobe.com/aem-forms/6/aem-forms-architecture-deployment.html