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    Load Movie Clip From Movie Clip!!


      Can anyone shed some light on this on loading multiple movie clips please.

      I have a basic 3 section layout - top bar (my main menu) - Side bar (sub menu) - and content area.

      From a button on the top bar it loads an external movie in my 'Side bar' movie clip - ok i've got that working using the code:

      on (release) {
      loadMovie(" http://mysite/myswf", "content area");

      When the sub menu has loaded it shows another 10 buttons that once clicked on will display in the content area

      This is where it all falls over - nothing seems to work :( - I have had a couple of close calls (loading on the page but not in the movie clip using the : this._parent. code in front of the 'content area' movie clip. I have tried _root_'content area' movie clip, but i can't seem to nail it. The content area just remins blank......

      Thanks for the help.