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    Missing XMLForm.exe?


      Whenever I try to submit data on AEM 6.0 forms or do some sort of processing, I see this error in the logs - Caused by: java.io.IOException: Executable does not exist: /Users/adobeuser/Documents/CQ/aem60/crx-quickstart/bedrock/svcnative/XMLFormService/bin/X MLForm.exe
          at com.adobe.service.ProcessResource.startProcess(ProcessResource.java:354)
          ... 281 common frames omitted


      I checked the file location and it does not contain the .exe file. Am I missing something? I searched online for a solution but no luck yet. Any help is appreciated.

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        SaketSidana Adobe Employee

        Please suggest if you have a pre-release aemfd package. If yes, we would recommend you to take the released bits available in AEM 6.0 official release. Such an issue was seen in one of the pre-release versions of the package. Also, make sure to install the OS specific package.